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Kabillion Group Ltd is a UK-registered Private Limited Company offering highly-respected bespoke advisory & consultancy services to;

  • Private Sector Companies
  • Third Sector Bodies
  • Public Sector Organisations

who are operating or seeking to operate across the following jurisdictions;

  • Policing
  • Justice (Criminal, Community, Restorative & Administrative)
  • Rule of Law
  • Community & Public Safety
  • Social Services & Healthcare
  • Child & Adult Protection
  • Protecting Vulnerable Persons

across the United Kingdom, Eastern & Western Europe and Africa

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Our News

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Kabillion Global Advisory & www.kabillion.global goes live

Kabillion Global Advisory & www.kabillion.global launched today providing our exceptional Advisory & Consulting Services to Private & Third Sector organisations seeking assistance in respect of their development and delivery of solutions into the traditionally public sector environments of policing, justice and the “Rule of Law”.

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What have our members achieved since 2008

Reflecting on successes of colleagues is an important part of the celebrating, learning and continual self-improvement that we do in order to better service our customers going forward. 1 year on from the incorporation of Kabllion Group Ltd (on the 17th April 2015),...

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About Us

Having delivered exceptional outcomes since 2008, our Limited Company was incorporated in 2015 as we grew and diversified. We have 4 Divisions each focused on and tailored to meet  the unique and specialised requirements of our customers.

Kabillion Group Limited is committed to getting close to our customers and ensuring we understand and meet their needs.  We are focused on supporting our clients to achieve their objectives and exceed their expectations.  

In order to meet these ambitions, our four divisions are structured to be customer-centric;

  • ‘Private-Sector Clients’ Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • ‘Third-Sector Client’ Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • ‘Public Sector Client’ Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • Supply Chain & Logistical Support Services 

Due to increased demand from Private & Third Sector organisations seeking our Advisory & Consulting Services, a specialist website has been created for customers from these sectors; www.kabillion.global

For Private Sector Clients

(A-Division; www.kabillion.global)

‘A-Division’ is Kabillion Group Ltds largest division and trades as ‘Kabillion Global Advisory [K.G.A.]’

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For Third Sector Clients

(B-Division; www.kabillion.global)

‘B-Division’ forms part of  our specialist Kabillion Global Advisory {K.G.A.] capability and ensures that our Third Sector clients are able to compete in a commercial environment and provide services to private and public sector organisations.

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For Public Sector Clients


‘C-Division’ was the founding division of Kabillion Group Limited, having been providing exceptional advisory, consultancy and transformative services, to, for and on behalf of, public sector bodies since 2008.

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Supply Chain & Logistical Support


‘D-Division’ is Kabillion Group Ltds newest division. Working in partnership with our extensive supply chain and multi-sector network, we use our knowledge, experience and relationships on behalf of our clients to provide end-to-end supply-chain and logistical support.

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What our customers say about us

“Astute & Dynamic”

“A refreshing perspective on service transformation”

 “Outstanding talent for innovation and problem solving”


“Deeply insightful”

“Unique ability to think outside the box and deliver solutions other will later follow”

“Incredibly talented”

“Infectious innovators”

“Brought about real change and a real focus on service delivery”

Contact Us

Company Number: 09547771

Registered Office:
4 Northgate, Hessle,
East Yorkshire, U.K.
HU13 9AA

Operating Head Office:
 Bastion House, 90 London Road, Worcester, U.K.  WR5 2DY

       Skype (by arrangement):  Kabillion Group

           For more information on Kabillion Global Advisory go to www.kabillion.global

Kabillion Group Limited has delivered 100% of its contracts on-time, on-budget and on-specification with 100% satisfaction.

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