Reflecting on successes of colleagues is an important part of the celebrating, learning and continual self-improvement that we do in order to better service our customers going forward.

1 year on from the incorporation of Kabllion Group Ltd (on the 17th April 2015), which saw ‘Kabillion Global Advisory (KGA)’ become A-Division of Kabillion Group Ltd, we have been able to recognise that its members have been making exceptional differences across the public sector since 2008 including;

– Increasing service-user ‘Satisfaction Rates’ to >87%
– Generating ‘Cashable Savings’ in service provision budgets of between 20%-49%
– Increasing the ‘Capacity’ of service provision by >10%
– Improving the ‘Timeliness’ of service provision by >23%
– Improving ‘Quality of Service’ by >38%

And whilst we reflect on the improvements themselves, these changes have been delivered across 9 public sector jurisdictions across 4 countries and have made a difference to the public services provided to over 7 million people.

Its this breadth, depth and consistency of the members of Kabillion Group Ltds A-Division that since 2008 have transformed the areas of public service they have touched.

If you would like to know more, . In addition, due to its size and importance Kabillion Global Advisory retains its own presence at .