In October 2016 Kabillion Group Limited released the following insight into the Policing market for FY17/18, and re-engineered its own business to respond;

Kabillion Group Limited Police Market Profile FY 17 18 in pdf

Kabillion Group Limited believed that all the indicators in the profile attached saw FY 2017/18 being an exceptional year in policing engagement with the third and private sector and a significant degree of priming in this year as the start of a four year 2017-2021 plan. It responded by immediately creating Kabillion Global Advisory ( and spent the next 3 months building additional capacity in respect of skills and capabilities, launching at the beginning of the year.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that within a week of launch, West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner announces publicly a surge in investment in policing;

In addition, our current 5-part blog around opportunities in policing, all have West Mercia identified as a great target force for suppliers looking to engage with an organisation who have the need, ambition, desire, requirements, mentality and funds to act. Therefore, Kabillion Global is delighted to see so quickly its assertions, assessments and investment being legitimised by market action.

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